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December 21, 2012
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The window glass was fogged, a thin layer of frost crowded in the corners of the window pane as it overlooked the small blurs of London at night.

Well, morning, rather, seeing it was about a quarter till one in the morning and _(Name)_ could not seem to find any sleep in the dark, slow night. She sighed where she sat, her elbow propped up on the window sill while she sat on top of her comfortable, but lonely, mattress.

He said he would be back soon.

London was rather cold in the wintertime, especially during the night it seemed, as _(Name)_ found herself curled up, socks adorning her feet, and an over sized sweater hanging over her figure as she brought her knees up to her chest, relaxing as she watched the outside city beyond her bedroom and apartment walls.

Many nights, like tonight, _(Name)_ found herself unable to sleep and ended up wide awake at nights, watching the world go by without her.

She was sometimes too engrossed with the thought of where he might be sometimes, when he was coming back. If he was even possibly coming back maybe for that matter. It was cheesy, sure, but she worried sometimes of him, though maybe a better defining of it was that she might have been more worried for herself. Her friends constantly worried for her own well-being, wondering if she was okay and how she dealt with the blonde sometimes.

Arthur was a reliable man though, _(Name)_ knew well enough and trusted in the thought deeply. Some of her friends though, even her closest friend, cared deeply for her and often came over to keep the female company when the Brit was away, wondering sometimes if _(Name)_ was really okay, if the whole situation did really get to her or not. Despite her attempts of asking these questions, she normally found the same response of a smile and her reassuring words that told her she was fine.

_(Name)_ had been with Arthur Kirkland, now famous rock star who was on his second world tour, spending a lot of his time in America this time around. She had remembered first meeting him on London's streets, after her close friend who was always fond of traveling around the world, mainly Europe, had taken the liberty of bringing _(Name)_ along, knowing of her friend's love and want to go to England.

The first time she had actually seen the English man was a little sudden, maybe improper as he might say sometimes, but was also kind of a nice coincidence that occurred between the two, ultimately changing both of their lives.

What first caught her attention really when she had her first encounter with the Brit, was his clothing. He had been nicely adorned in black pants, a chain loop belt slung across over the trousers, red and blue converse and a white v-neck that clung nicely to his figure. He wasn't that well-built, what most assumed on the outside from beforehand knowledge, nor was he bulky, but when _(Name)_ later had the wonderful opportunity, she had come to realize that he wasn't bulky, but wasn't quite a toothpick either.

The tips and edges of his scruffy blonde hair were dyed a sort of green shade, just a bit, enough to add a small touch to it and quickly followed by bright chartreuse green eyes, black eyeliner surrounding the eyes that seemed to stumble down upon her own figure that day.

From what she had vaguely, but closely observed in those few moments- he was an original, true punk. Not to mention the two piercings in his ears as well that she had noticed after a moment. It didn't help, though, that _(Name)_ herself didn't seem all to differing in style from the blonde. She was also clad in a pair of dark jeans that clung to her legs, original black converse on her feet, and a slightly patterned top under a black vest that hung around her shoulders.

And for a slight moment it seemed that even Arthur, for a moment perhaps, could spare to believe in the concept of "love at first sight" though he had never exactly believed, nor encountered the sort.

Now the dilemma _(Name)_ faced at the moment was about the same man, now her boyfriend of three years, and when he was going to be home. It was already two days from Christmas, and Arthur had promised her long before when he was first departing on the plane from London that he would be back, he had stated, in eight months he would arrive back.

It wasn't too long now before the promise of his could easily be broken. The tour he left on was really only scheduled to last until the end of November, maybe into the first few days of December. It seemed though, that it might have been a mistake, seeing it was now the twenty third of December and the latest news she had gotten of Arthur's coming home was "Soon" when he had last texted her around three days ago perhaps.

And frankly, _(Name)_ was starting to get a little impatient almost. She had dealt with him going away last year for his tour, yet that had really only been four and half months he was gone and the time flew by then. Now the days, and especially the nights, seemed to linger on, not wanting to provide _(Name)_ any comfort or reassurance that it was just another day that would pass by in the blink of an eye and prove her that Arthur was bound to be home any day from now.

Was she really to blame though? She knew how lonely it got around the apartment, dull and colorless usually without him around, nothing to do ever really. She was sometimes just getting very tired with it all. Tired with him being gone for such long periods of time, and when he got back, she loved it, but it just didn't feel the same always because she knew he would sure be gone once more within about two or three months. And those two or three months didn't even begin to compare to the seven or eight that he was gone again on tour.

_(Name)_ was just starting to get a bit tired with it all sometimes. And it wasn't just her that was finally noticing it, some of her other friends, who were happy for her and wanted her to hang on cheered her on and encouraged her, telling her that he would be back any day now. It was starting to get a bit harder and harder to believe though. At this point, she'd probably be spending Christmas all alone, without Arthur and his cheerful smiles, or the delighted look he got in his eyes when he was excited or happy about something. She would probably have to spend the coming of the New Year without his accent that she loved so along with his tousled mess of blonde hair and sweet nature she came to love. She imagined, instead, she would probably be texting him once more with a simple, "Merry Christmas, hope you're back soon," message that he might not even  care to really pay attention or reply to whole-heartedly.

When the date of Christmas had started coming dangerously close, one of _(Name)_'s good friends had come over while she was in London for her last remaining hours before she would be back on a plane over to a different country to visit her own boyfriend.
It had been very nice for her friend to stop by, bringing corn kernels to make some homemade popcorn, followed by a tall cup of coffee from Starbucks, a bit of holiday sweets and a few good movies to watch throughout the night. It had cheered _(Name)_ up for a while, she still smiled lightly at it, but it didn't exactly stop the ache in her heart fully, only lightened it rather.

She didn't want to be alone on Christmas once again, but she stayed strong and trudged through it, trying her best to stay positive. Finally feeling the sleep creep onto her, _(Name)_ slowly fell asleep once more, casting her worries away and falling back into dreamland.

_(Name)_ was surprised when she had woken once more later that morning at a quarter to ten, but embraced it, glad that she got some sleep into her system. It was now the twenty-fourth of December and only a few, measly fourteen hours from Christmas.

Picking herself up, she swung her legs over her mattress, making her way to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up a bit.

After a warm shower, much of an escape from the cold, winter air blowing outside, she dressed herself in a pair of comfortable jeans, warm socks underneath and a fitting shirt with a seasonal, but casual, long light blue and white sweater with snowflakes decorated over it here and there. Deciding to head out, she wrapped her neck in a warm scarf, tossing some boots on before grabbing her things, locking her door and heading down the street to the shops that lined the streets.

Passing by the small coffee shop, she glanced into the bookstore located beside the building, thinking of going inside, but stopped when she noticed the sign read that they would be back at one o' clock. Huffing out a sigh, _(Name)_ continued along the street, deciding to go look elsewhere for now until they were open. It was about eleven right now, so it shouldn't be too long.

Mainly what she was out to find was not only maybe a small present for herself, but also one for Arthur perhaps. Even if the Brit wasn't to be home by Christmas most likely, she knew she still wanted to get him something, even if it meant she would be watching him open it after Christmas morning. She still cared for him and wanted to buy him something.

The chilled, morning air still hung around as it rolled towards afternoon. After grabbing a small croissant and cup of coffee at the coffee shop after going to a few shops down the street she decided it was high time for a small snack, seeing she forgot about breakfast this morning, but didn't care much either way. As soon as she had finished, after leaving the amount due on the table she sat at, _(Name)_ left quietly, grasping her small bags she had as she made her way next door to the bookstore.

Inhaling the scent of tea, and old pages of good books, _(Name)_ walked through the small doors of the shop, as soon as she stepped through she found herself lost, not knowing where to start. She figured the fantasy section of the store would be good, as she made her ways over to the row, looking at the many rows of books stacked beside one another. She knew how much Arthur enjoyed a good fantasy book every now and then, even if some did think it was a bit childish. She loved that about him actually and found it adorable.

There were many things she loved about Arthur- she loved him in general. Crouching down in front of the wide variety of books still, she took a silent moment of thinking to herself. She really did love Arthur, even when he was gone, even now; she couldn't help but love him as she always did. How he opened doors for her, held umbrellas up for her, cuddled with her or even managed through a cheesy and sad romance movie with her sometimes, his accent, and his caring green eyes that she could never look away from. Even if he was a horrible cook at times, mainly if it was only with scones or sweets, she still loved him- everything about him.

Picking up her things, and soon after exiting the bookstore with a small book of the original Alice In Wonderland in hand, she made her way back to the cozy apartment. Spending the remains of the day with wrapping his few gifts she had bought, along with a cup of hot chocolate, going on the internet for a bit and watching a short movie. She later escaped back to her bedroom after the movie had rolled its credits, changing and crawling comfortably under the covers, waiting for Christmas the next morning, with or without the Brit.

Surprisingly, when _(Name)_ had awoken, according to the clock beside her bed, at ten after nine she was welcomed with the scent of something being made, along with the hum of someone's voice she had eagerly jumped out of bed, following the sound and scent to the kitchen.

There in all his glory, stood her boyfriend, focused intently on what she assumed was breakfast that he was making. A grey shirt clung lightly to his figure, a pair of comfy jeans on as well as with some plain socks to warm his feet up, _(Name)_ suddenly felt a little insecure, with just a pair of knee-high socks on, fluffy grey and white pajama shorts and an old band t-shirt under a worn, purple jacket on.

Her insecurities instantly flew away though when she found the blonde had hastily abandoned his work on making breakfast, his arms clung around her waist tightly, as if she were going to disappear any second. A muffled gasp left her lips, as his own dry, warm ones pressed against her own. Pulling away and lifting her up slightly he pulled her close to him.

Was she dreaming? She must have been, she told herself.

"I'm sorry," Arthur rasped out, "I'm sorry," he repeated as he hugged her close. Still a bit surprised by just his presence there, _(Name)_ suddenly grasped back onto reality, hugging him back tightly.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I left you for so long, I'm sorry I came back so late. We had a bit of a difficulty coming back home when our plane was delayed and my phone died and-"

_(Name)_ ignored his cries and pleas of forgiveness as she kissed him, threading her fingers through his messy blonde locks, one of her fingers coming in contact with the cool metal of his piercing his in upper ear. As she pulled away once more she smiled to him, just glad that he was home, that he was actually here. She wasn't alone now.

"I-I promise, I'll stay for as long as you want, I won't go on tours for so long if you don't w-want me to," the Brit reasoned, worry in his cool orbs of green. Before he could say any more, _(Name)_ had turned off the oven though, making certain the apartment wouldn't catch fire while she tugged on Arthur's arm, his cheeks becoming flushed with a pink tone, following her out the kitchen.

"W-Where are we going, love?" He asked quietly as she led him out to the living room, a small tree set up in the corner, a few presents here and there.

"Opening gifts," she replied enthusiastically before she smiled warmly, handing him one. After a few more gifts were undone, she was interrupted by Arthur's lips meeting hers once more, shutting her up impatiently as he pulled her close.

"Oh god, I missed you," the blonde said suddenly, just enjoying the moment with her, finally able to hold her again, to hear her beautiful voice, to actually feel and touch her soft skin and hair. To be able to actually see her gleaming eyes rather than just imagining them was far enough as a Christmas present for him.  

Even if it meant his band would have to wait a bit, he was perfectly fine with that, as long as he got his time with _(Name)_ and that she was happy. As long as he made sure all of her Christmas wishes came true, then he would be perfectly okay.

"I love you."
For my amazing Panda who is so beautiful, such a sweetie and is always there for me. ❤

Edit: So many favorite..! I love you guys!

It's cheesy isn't it? n.n''

Well, who cares! I've really been wanting to write a bit more about Artie, since he such a sweetie.
Hope you all like it in it's... Cheesy glory...!

♡ ||Tumblr Page - {[link]}|| ♡

Story (c) ~BrokenxXxLyrics
Arthur Kirkland/England belongs to Hima-san.
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